Welcome to our site which is all about cycling. This is a popular sport throughout many parts of the world. Although there is undoubtedly a lot of interesting information on this topic, we have focused on bringing together the most important highlights that pertain to this sport. One of our reasons for doing this is because the importance of cycling is becoming recognised. So much so, that some learning institutions have set up cycling clubs for the convenience of their students.

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Here on our cycling site, we wanted to be sure to have something for everyone. This includes the cycling spectators, as well as the participants. We have achieved this through some fascinating posts.

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Something that is of keen interest to many is the different types of cycle races which can be enjoyed by spectators and fans. Here, we have showcased not only some of the famous races but those that are considered to be unique for a variety of reasons.

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It doesn’t take long for those who enjoy watching cycling events to soon adopt a favourite participant. For those who are new fans of this sport, our information here on the best cyclists will help you to educate yourself as to who is currently considered as the best on the cycling circuit.


Although all of the sections regarding cycling found on this site are going to be of interest to most, one of the favourites is the inspirational section. There are some great stories highlighted here.