19 years cycling around the world

It was a 19-year journey by Vladislav Ketov, a Russian man, starting in 1991, traveling 144,000km of road, on a bike.Mr.  Vladislav Ketov departed from Leningrad, Russia, on a bicycle, to cycle around the world, despite having a wife and two sons, and  did not bring money.

Vladislav Ketov of Russia has realized the idea of ​​cycling around the world. He rode along the coast of continents around the world for 19 years on this 144,000-km trip. He didn’t go with anyone.

His journey is around the world along the coastline in Europe, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and the Americas (from the Arctic coast). He chose bicycle as the main vehicle for this trip, because this is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly vehicle.

On May 14, 1991, Vladislav Ketov said goodbye to his wife and two sons to begin this special trip. The trip started in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and he chose bicycle as the main vehicle for this trip, as this was the cheapest and most environmentally friendly vehicle.

This trip is very special in that Vladislav did not bring money. During the trip, he painted portraits to earn money to cover the trip. People in every country he traveled through were very kind and hospitable, and he was always welcomed in these places.

The main problem that Vladislav Ketov encountered during the trip was money and paperwork. It took him 5 years to complete visa procedures in 93 countries around the world. Currently Vladislav has 10 passports.

During nearly 2 decades of cycling around the world, Vladislav lost only his bike one time … and fortunately that vehicle lost in Russia itself.

In 2003, the Russian Tourism and Sports Commission selected Vladislav Ketov as “Russia’s most special traveler” to recognize the exceptional achievement: He was the first in the world to cycle along the coast of the continents.