5 small tips you should know when cycling (Part 1)

When cycling, drivers often think they have done very well with the necessary techniques, but many also admit that they can still improve their skills for the better.

And this article will provide you with a few suggestions on five issues that bikers often do not continue to effectively improve the cycling capabilities and performance they can exploit. Here are some tips to quickly fix those bad things.

  1. Your hand always handles the handlebar at the top

You will feel more comfortable and easy to control your bike when holding the handlebar at the top. This is the preferred position for most cyclists in normal conditions. But do not forget that the air resistance will greatly reduce your cycling efficiency compared to when you hold the handlebars at the bottom, generally you can switch to a smaller box, foot circle. faster with the same pedal force.

Although with a long distance, always holding the handlebars below is uncomfortable for many people, this shows you the full value of regular practice. Your body will adjust itself to adapt to such a posture, you will pedal faster, farther with less effort.

  1. You often use the brake in the back of the bike

With the front brake, it is actually slowing down or stopping the bike will work faster and more efficiently, but with many turns (especially beginners), use the rear brake to slow down the vehicle again, because they always have a clear idea that if they use the front brake, their body will be thrown through the handlebars! This will not happen unless you are going downhill or you are going too fast, as long as you keep your butt on the saddle and use the front brakes gently.

Practice using the front brakes only on flat roads and small ramps. And practice until one time you forget that your car still has a rear brake!