5 small tips you should know when cycling (Part 2)

  1. You are running backward from the front.

We all know that when cycling in a group there is a significant benefit, because of the reduced wind resistance we will ride a lot easier than cycling alone. This benefit is proportional to the distance between you and the bicyclist ahead – the closer it gets, the greater the benefit.

When you ride with a rider that you know he runs “fairplay” (he will not intentionally brake or detach suddenly) you try to maintain a distance of only a few tens of centimeters between your front tire and his rear tire. This requires a little more focus, but in return for you is great.

  1. Sprint training

Take the bike out and make an effort to sprint as fast as Mark Cavendish – clutch the lower handlebar and pedal quickly. This is quite hard for you, try to be regular until you get used to it. Sprinting with the hands on the handlebars above is quite easy, but your feet will have to exert more effort, improve the strength of your feet.

In addition, there are many times when you are cycling normally, you need to sprint 1 segment, this will give you a useful cycling ability in some situations.

No matter where your hand is on the handlebars, try to sprint 100 meters with maximum effort in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Cycling too often

In order to maintain the strength you have to “fight” in training to achieve, you need to cycle regularly, usually at least 2 times a week. But if you ride too much, the “gums benefit”, your muscles will not have enough time to recover, you will start to feel tired from overtraining, the muscles often ache, and then enthusiasm gradually disappears, a state of depression. If you feel that such symptoms begin to leave the bike for a few days or even weeks.

Find the balance. 2 or 4 trips a week is a lot for most people, if you want to cycle more than you have to make sure it’s really easy and fun for you. That is great for even more bicycling.