Common mistakes which newcomers make are much simpler compared to professional cyclists. However, fixing the basic cycling errors will help you limit injuries and improve your bike performance. Find out the Top Biggest Biking errors which newcomers should avoid.

  1. Two low saddle height

This is a common mistake for beginners because most people feel more comfortable and confident if their feet can touch the ground. Unsuitable saddle height will lead to injury, most notably knee pain.

The remedy is to adjust the seat. At the proper height of the saddle, your knees will bend slightly when the foot is at the bottom of the pedal rotation, measuring the distance between the plate and the top of the saddle. This is your seat height. Besides, if you need a more accurate number, you can go to the bike maintenance center right away, which will limit the injury at the knee area.

  1. Best is not “good”

If you are new to cycling, you do not need to equip too many professional, sophisticated cycling clothes and accessories, instead you should focus on improving the technique more. Of course, equipping yourself with a “pit” carbon bike or a professional outfit will make you a lot more excited, but a bike with a more common configuration comes with mature cycling technique will bring more efficiency as well as improve performance!

  1. Not align the bike

How your bike suits you is one of the most important aspects of the ride. To get fit, two main factors are: seat height and handdle bar reach. Seat height must be high enough to help your foot curl moderately at the knee when your foot is at the bottom of the pedal rotation. Besides, the right range to reach the handlebars means that your arms and body create a 45 degree angle to the bike, if you sit for too long, your back will hurt when touching the steering wheel; vice versa too short, your knees will be too close to your arms. It is best to buy a bike, make sure the size of the vehicle is suitable for your height, and refer to the bike alignment service at the center to bring the most comfortable feeling when pedaling and avoiding injury.