Biking can save the world (Part 2)

  1. Biking Can Reduce Traffic

If you think short drives with engine warm-up are terrible for the environment, that’s nothing can be worse than drives spent predominantly in traffic. Not only are bikes 50 percent faster than cars during rush hour but annually, cars in traffic produce 12,140 pounds of pollutants. Otherwise you know how much pollution bikes produce? None, of course.

In fact, if only 1 percent of those who cycle instead, automobile emissions could fall by 2 to 4 percent.

  1. Biking Can Support Local Businesses

When you get around by car, you’re more likely to do silly things like hop on the highway and drive greater distances. This also craps all over the environment with CO2 emissions, but with a bicycle, you probably keep things local and support the businesses near you. Studies show that local businesses contribute to sustain vibrant, compact, and walkable town centers, which in turn, reduce sprawl, habitat loss, as well as water and air pollution. How a beautiful cycle!

  1. Biking Helps to Fight Crime

Next time you hop on your bike, mentally wear your cape and save-the-planet boots, remember you are both saving the environment, and saving lives!

According to the FBI, almost twice as many people die in car accidents per year than by any other form of homicide-nearly 33,000 last year alone. Do you know how many bike crashes kill people each year? 667- and by heaven, almost 100 percent of which involved, you guessed it, a car.

To put that into perspective for you, muse this on: You have a 1 in 84 chance of dying in a car crashes. Your chances of dying in a biking crashes, though, are 1 in 4,919.

  1. Biking Reduces Healthcare Costs

Bikers tend to be less obese and in better physical shape than carists and motorists. It means that bikers will look better in their spandex, also, they tend to cost us- yes, all of us- less when it comes to health care costs. According to, adding 30 minutes of biking daily can save each of us $544 expenditure on healthcare per year.

  1. Biking Brings Your Energy

Not only can you observe past cars sitting in traffic on your bike, and get to work earlier than the rest of those sad saps waiting at the stop light; but you will feel more energetic and ready to get to it. Studies show that biking is just one physical activity that can boost your mental health-such as serotonins and endorphins, making you happier. And what can you do with all of that renewed energy and strength? Save the globe.

So I’m not saying that biking makes you dominant-it’s just that it helps save the animal population, improves peoples’ lives, and ensure the health of the planet overall. To sum up, it can save the world, and you know what: it’s just for fun!!!!