Biking Can Save The World (Part 1)

Riding a bike can have a huge impact on the environment. Check out there 10 reasons that biking is not only save some time or burn some calories; but also can save the planet as well. Put on your helmet, stretch out your legs and get ready to save the world by one pedal at a time.

And that’s really fun: who don’t want to be a superhero?

  1. Biking Can Save Whole Forests

On an even larger scale, biking can strongly prevent deforestation, because bikes use less rubber and fuel/lubricants than other forms of transportation like cars, buses and motors. Each year the huge amount of rubber and fuel/lubricants used in cars clears millions of acres of forests for rubber plantations.

  1. Biking is a Best Friend of Animals

It is air pollution that bikes cut down on; and it’s also noise pollution. And you know who can not stand noise pollution? I mean, animals. Humans are really the only animals that can stick around an area with the loud noise of car horns and engines. Others will flee to quieter shelters, and unfortunately, they are becoming fewer and farther yet.

Bikes are also good for animals because one happy side effect of cycling is a decrease in road kill. Imagine if you hit a deer with your bike, you might be the one worse for wear.

  1. Biking Can Save Land

We’ve already gone over how riding a bike reduces the carbon footprint, which is beneficial for the environment overall. But more specifically, bicycles reduce the need of clearing land for parking lots. For each car parking space, 20 bikes can fit easily. So more bikes means less cars and less clearing the beautiful land for parking spaces.

  1. Biking Reduces Household Emissions

If you live within five miles of their workplace and decide to bike those few minutes rather than sit in your car or drive your motorcycle, you could reduce your total household emissions by at least 6 percent. That’s because these short, engine “warm-up” trips to the office which release smokes are actually the worst for the environment.

  1. Biking Has a Smaller Production Impact

Actually bikes are made out of rainbows and fairy dust. Okay, not exactly-but the production of bicycles has a much smaller environmental impact than that of cars, which are essentially just mini polluted factories. During car manufacture, several tons of waste and 1.2 billion cubic yards of polluted air are caused each year. And there are also 40 million pounds of air releases and 24 million pounds of hazardous waste released from cars’ painting and coating.