Cadence when cycling in triathlon

One of the tips is to ride low cadence. In this article, let’s take a closer look at this topic. He is currently a triathlon coach and used to be in charge of the Team Budget Forklifts.

On a late day in 2003, Brett Sutton asked to meet him at the Gold Coast racetrack, Australia. That’s where we will practice most of the pedaling. He was my triathlon coach then. As soon as he met, he held a cable cutter in his hand.

Brett declared firmly as if only he could do it. Then he bent down to cut the cable in half with the following thread. The reason is simply because I understand I am still weak. For the whole of the last season, Brett took me to the eyes of the races every weekend to deliberately show me how weak I am.

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Brett decided to tailor me exercises with heavy workloads, more about powering up. This lesson plan is individually tailored to suit my individual needs, as I am trying to improve my strength.

After the long time, I could easily run with the best pedal. 2009 was a typical successful year when I participated in seven Iron Man Awards around the world.

Does that mean I’m good? No way. But I think I have mastered the key elements of long distance cycling in triathlon. Since then, I started researching on professional cycling, started managing and leading a Team Budget Forklifts team.

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Setting the ideal cadence level is like balancing two ends of a seesaw. That is, how to balance the distance you run and the needs you want. The stronger the power, the higher the cadence. Increasing cadence level is actually just the act of dividing the load into multiple revs, thereby creating a certain power level.

The fact that the factors to choose a certain level of cadence is rarely discussed. In triathlon lesson plans, cadence exercises are often poorly taught by self-employed coaches. And they do this through hacking.