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Egan Bernal won the Tour de France 2019

Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal (Ineos team, England) won the Tour de France (Cycling around France) 2019 when finishing the last leg from Rambouillet to Paris which is 128km long in the first group. After the 20 stage, Bernal (22 years old) holds the yellow jersey with a total time of 79 hours


Hail and landslide disturbed the bicycle race Tour de France 2019

Two days before returning to their destination, the French athlete lost the Golden Shirt after nearly two weeks of overwhelming racing. The route of the 19th and 20th stages is shortened because of hail, landslides and storms on the Alps. The 20th race was shortened to 59 kilometers instead of 130 km.


History of bike race

Bicycles are an improved means of transportation from the first wooden bike created in the 1880s. Initially, bicycles were the only means for the upper class, gradually they became universal vehicles. After that, they were improved from the ones which difficult to control and were prone to accidents. The formation of cycling