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Kick off the Cycling Tournament Round Spain 2019

Vuelta a Espana Cycling Tournament (Round the Spanish – La Vuelta) 2019 officially kicked off on August 24 in Torrevieja, the coastal city of southeastern Spain. The opening race for the 2019 season is only 13.4 km long, starting from the famous salt lake with characteristic pink Salina de Torrevieja to the


19 years cycling around the world

It was a 19-year journey by Vladislav Ketov, a Russian man, starting in 1991, traveling 144,000km of road, on a bike.Mr.  Vladislav Ketov departed from Leningrad, Russia, on a bicycle, to cycle around the world, despite having a wife and two sons, and  did not bring money. Vladislav Ketov of Russia has


Riding sport bikes – hobby of the middle-aged people

Older people who like to cross roads with their sport bikes are becoming a worldwide trend. The number of middle-aged people who love cycling greatly increases in the world. Why do they want to cycle? Let’s explore! Sports bikes bring joy to middle-aged people In the old years, middle-aged people are often