Every country has their favourite sports. For New Zealand (NZ), one that falls into this category is cycling races. This is a country which is known for some intense bike race competitions. Along with these, several other bike racing events are held in other parts of the world and have become famous.

BMX National Championships

One of the many races which NZ is very proud of is the BMX National Championships. The first race of this kind to take place in New Zealand dates back to 1981 when it was held in Lower Hutt, Wainuiomata. There were competitions for both the male and female divisions.

Off-Road Bicycle Races

While NZ has a variety of famous bike races, ones which should be mentioned along with these, are the off-road bike races. These are held in the Upper Hutt area. This event dates back to 1986 and has remained popular ever since.

Milan-San Remo

Branching out into other areas of the world means taking a look at the Milan-San Remo bike race which is held in Italy. This is considered to be the longest one day race which professionals can participate in. It is often held in the early part of the season and creates some competitive endurance challenges.


France is the location where this 150-mile race takes place. It has been in existence since 1896, so no wonder it has become famous. It is a difficult route which is made up of almost 30 cobbled sections.

Le Tour

It would not be fitting to forget what is considered to be the most prestigious, and for many, the most famous bike race of all. This is no doubt the race of all races when it comes to time spent participating in it. The race is held over a 2000-mile course throughout the vineyards areas of France.

Many more famous bike races could be added to this list.