The list of famous bike races is quite long. Each of these races is packed full of excitement for the spectators, and challenges for the participants. Some are considered to be more unique than others.

The Tour De France

The Tour De France race makes it on to many different types of bike racing lists. It has to be added to the unique bike race list, because of what it entails. The distance overall for the race is around 2300 miles. The terrain is of such a mix of surfaces that it creates a variety of different challenges for the riders. Although many amateurs would love to give this race a try, it is reserved for professional cyclists only.

The Dirty Kanza

Just as there are many professionals on the bike racing circuit, there are a lot of amateurs who have a great passion for this particular sport. To ensure they are not disappointed when it comes to competing in bike races, they can participate in the Dirty Kanza. This is undoubtedly not for the faint at heart. It is a 200-mile race which includes a prairie and gravel environment. It takes place in the Kansas Prairies. It puts a great deal of demand on the skills of being able to focus, while also balancing and assessing the variations in the terrain.

Milan-San Remo

For those who are new to bike racing, they often perceive the length of the course as being the biggest challenge. The Milan-San Remo refutes this. This is a 184-mile course which is considered to be quite short. As a result of this, it requires speed, which needs to be combined with endurance, because of the uphill battles cyclists will face.

These races can fit the description of being famous, at least for most bike races and racing spectators. But, they also can be considered unique, because of the additional challenges they present.