Exercise cycling properly, you know it yet

Nowadays, cycling is becoming more and more popular. Because of the health benefits this subject brings.

If you decide to stick with your bike for a long time to stay healthy and stay fit, you should also arrange a suitable schedule for yourself. The ideal time to cycle is early in the morning as the sunlight is cool.

In addition, cycling in the morning also significantly improves height. If you can’t afford it, cycling in the evening is also good. Avoid cycling when it is too hot or too hot as it will quickly tire your body out.

Correct posture when cycling is one that avoids problems. That’s such as sitting in the wrong posture, misalignment, buttocks, scoliosis, or too hunched forward. While riding your bike, try to keep your back straight but comfortable, and don’t push yourself too hard or force yourself.

Get in the car and start cycling. Observe how much your knees should be above your hips. It is best to ask someone to help you, pay attention to the position of your knees. This position should always be a little lower than the hip for best.

The exercise bike is a compact yet healthy home workout device. The practice with the machine is quite simple. But if you want to practice with the best results, you should have your own practice method.

The next length of time depends on how long you practice. Spend 1/3 of your training time kicking as fast as you can. This is the time when you best exercise your fitness, when you practice and see the effect.

If the saddle has been adjusted to the standard and still feels tense during practice. It is advisable to rest a little so that the most comfortable body should not be strained, try to practice.