Important things to keep in mind when cycling in groups

Group cycling is fun and requires certain skills. So what are the important things about group cycling? Interaction and communication are key elements of team cycling. For newbies, before you join a group bike ride, you should carefully ask relevant information such as the distance of your bike to become more flexible.

It’s also important to stay in the position to relax. Group pedaling means the distance between the front and rear bicycles will be much smaller. Moreover, if the cycling distance is quite long, trying hard to be born will easily cause loss of energy.

Save energy by relaxing your shoulders and try to keep your position straight, avoiding unnecessary energy expenditure. When you are doing cornering with other bicyclists, focus on observing and predicting the direction in which you will turn. It will easily happen. Furthermore, a cycling group will tend to form a tighter formation as they climb the pass.

A suitable cycling position will be 30cm or shorter from the front rider. You need to observe and focus to ensure that the person in front of the pedals pedal is smooth and flexible to avoid the person in front of the brakes.

Focus on and increase flexibility as much as you can, be careful when braking in front of you. Note, your person behind you may not have much distance or time to respond to your sudden change in speed.

If you want to slow down your speed, notify the person behind you when you are on dangerous terrain by raising your hand to signal. If you want a tighter composition, one thing is for sure that there won’t be any gaps in the lineup. If there is no person standing next to the person in front of you, take the initiative to run forward.

Always keep one thing in mind when becoming the leader is the one who has to be responsible for the team. Group cycling is one of the most important skills in cycling.