There is no doubt that among the many spectators of cycling races that there are at least a few that say “I wish that was me”. The truth is for some of these individuals there is no reason why it couldn’t be them participating in bike races or at the very least learning to ride a bike.

It’s Never too Late

It is surprising that there are so many adults who never learned how to ride a bike. Now that they are in their adult years they are missing out on what is a great form of activity. There are many inspirational stories that show that learning how to ride a bike as an adult is a real possibility.

A Real Confidence Boost-

For one new bike rider, she recounts her experience of learning to ride a bike. It became such an accomplishment for her that she classed it as one of the top five days of her life. Her journey into becoming a bike rider began by taking adult bike riding courses. This should serve as an inspiration for those who also wish to learn how to ride a bike.

A Reality Check

Another individual realised that she was missing out on a great activity such as what bike riding is. But, it wasn’t until the passing away of her Father that she realised how short life is. She turned a bad circumstance into a positive one as a source of inspiration to learn how to ride a bike.

Age Isn’t a Factor

One woman who has earned the title of being a grandmother is a true inspiration for older adults who want to ride a bike. In her case, she desired to set an example for her grandchild that nothing is ever too late.

These stories in themselves act as true inspiration for those who want to enjoy what bike riding has to offer.