South Africa, like many countries, is one that is recognised for its sports activities. One of the most favourites of these is cycling. As a result, to keep both participants and spectators alike content, many local races take place.

Racing Events

While most view cycling races as a form of competition, the races held in this sport throughout are held for different purposes. Some are held merely for the enjoyment of the sport. Other events are organised with the intent of fundraising; then, of course, there are those local races for their competition value. Another good reason for racing events is for bringing recognition to the region and can be good for drawing tourist attraction.

ABSA Cape Epic

The month of March is full of excitement for cyclists in South Africa in the Western Cape region. This is because of the ABSA Cape Epic cycling event that doesn’t just last for one day but extends over eight days full of cycling challenges. It is course comprised of 800 km, but offers an accumulated total for climbing that amounts to 15,000m.

The terrain is anything but easy as it is a collection of gravel roads, mixed with the challenges of river crossings. The experience is not just daunting as it is offset with the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful scenery and some of the historical value of the Western Cape. What makes this even more interesting is that the route changes each year, so there is a new adventure each time a cyclist wants to enjoy this cycling event.

Cape Town Cycle Tour

This is a timed cycle event that is full of adventure. It has been an event that Cape Town is proud of for 38 years. It too is held in March and has become so popular that participants worldwide set the time aside to participate in this event.