Setting a cycling record around the world in just 79 days

A Scottish cyclist set a new world record for cycling around the world in the shortest amount of time. He take in less than 80 days. Mark Beaumont, 34, traveled with his bike on a 29,000km journey.

He traveled through 16 countries in exactly 78 days, 15 hours and 40 minutes. He set a new world record for cyclists around the world in the shortest time. This achievement of Beaumont broke the previous record of 123 days. It was founded by Andrew Nicholson from New Zealand.

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Especially in his journey, Beaumont also broke yet another world record. It is the longest distance traveled by a single person in a month, with 11,315km.

“Clearly this is the toughest challenge my body and mind has ever experienced,” Beaumont said after completing the journey.

Mark Beaumont said he was inspired by the famous book by the French writer Jules Verne, “80 days around the world”. So he was determined to complete his journey in 80 days.

Beaumont starts the journey from Paris (France). He traveled across Europe to Beijing (China), before taking a plane to Australia to conquer Australia. And he continued to fly to North America to cycle from the West to the East before returning to Europe. He rode the rest of the trip from Lisbon (Portugal) back to Paris to complete the journey.

On his journey, Beaumont has three serious bicycle falls. In it a fall caused him a broken bone in his left elbow. In addition, Beaumont also faces many severe weather conditions.

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Those are such as the cold winter in Australia and New Zealand, the super typhoon Irma in the US… However, Beaumont still overcomes to return to Paris after just over 79 start date of the journey.

The average distance that Beaumont traveled in a day was 386km. And every day he had to spend 16 hours cycling continuously to complete this distance. There are days when Beaumong sleeps less than 5 hours to shorten the time of his trip.