Soren Kragh Andersen finished first leg of Tour de France 2020

Danish driver Soren Kragh Andersen got his first win at the Tour de France. The 14th leg of the Tour de France has a 194km route from Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon. It is a flat road race, but the speed of the race does not push up fast, but on the contrary, all major developments only take place in the last 4km.

Sunweb’s riders showed their efforts to win one more leg by sharing the lead of the race. Meanwhile in the race to win the blue shirt, driver Peter Sagan also showed his determination to win the leg to shorten the distance with the green shirt holder Sam Bennett. When the number of points in the 14th leg for the first-place winner is 50 points, not 30 points like the other stages.

However, with the sensible strategy of the Sunweb team, Peter Sagan did not get a chance. And in the last kilometer, a representative of the Sunweb team, Soren Kragh Andersen, jumped up.

He finished first with 4 hours 28 minutes 10 seconds, ranked second and third respectively Luka Mezgec and Simone Consoni. Peter Sagan finished fourth and continued to press the green shirt race. The yellow shirt is still in the hands of Primoz Roglic.

For Soren Kragh Andersen, this was his first leg victory at the Tour de France. He also became the second Danish racer to ever win a race in this prestigious bicycle race, after Magnus Cort at the Tour de France 2018.

In Friday’s 19th race, Bennett increased his lead by three points against Sagan. Which means he now continues to lead and is 55 points ahead of Sagan. While Trentin was in third place, 14 points behind Sagan.

The last 21 race has a flat terrain of 122 km from Mantes-la-Jolie to the Champs-Elysees. They will bring 50 points for the first runner-up, 30 points for the runner-up and 20 points for the third-place, down 2 points for the 15th.