Taking photos while riding bicycle in the countryside (Part 1)

The list goes on: cycle for health, cycle for fun, cycle to stop pollution,… Many undoubtedly benefits of cycling are, but have you ever consider cycling as a means of travel which could unravel unexplored spots boasting of authentic local cuisines and stunning scenic beauty?

Krishnendu Basu, who interest in photography during cycle rides revived with his experiences said that hey literally take the path which doesn’t lead to the highway and it changes everything. They also meet many people and beautiful landscapes happen to be just one of the special experiences. As members of the cycling community in the city zip away on smooth highway drives unveiled what most tourists miss.

His collection on display at the exhibition of five years, started with him during his first bicycle ride from Mumbai to Goa capturing stunning sights. He was sure some of those sights would no longer be seen with places changing so rapidly. Krishnendu explains that his intention was to create a private collection. Krishnendu explains that he thing about taking photographs while on a cycle means your angles and imagination have to fit into your equipment which is the smart phone. Cyclists travel with a regular camera and little baggage doesn’t fit in that list

Gokul Krishna of The Bike Affair which initiated the exhibition to encourage and promote bicycling activities said that we can get closer to the subject is the most interesting aspect of this kind of photography; be it a hut in a remote village or a narrow path in the jungle we are passing by. It is a fresh perspective of a place which not usually on anyone’s bucket list how one gets to experience. The Bike Affair itself also organises cycling trips which meet ups for the cycling community in the city with over 2000 active members in the age range of 15 years to 60 years.