The 18-year-old bike rides around the world to raise funds

Canadian boy B’yauling Toni (18 years old) has just completed a solo trip around the world after 7 months. He traveled a long way more than 31,000 km.

Only 6 days after finishing high school, Toni made plans to go around the world by bike. He started in his home town of Saskatoon. After cycling around Canada, Toni flew to Portugal. And he was from there biking through Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Estonia before entering Russia.

B’yauling Toni cùng chiếc xe đạp mà chàng trai này vừa đạp vòng quanh thế giới /// Chụp màn hình Canadian Cycling Magazine

After cycling across parts of Russia, Toni entered Mongolia and headed straight for China, reaching Shanghai. From there, this guy flew to the Australian city of Perth.

Later, Toni flew to the city of Invercargill on the South Island of New Zealand and cycled to Aukland on the North Island of the country. Toni flew back to Vancouver in Canada in December. And he continued cycling to other parts of his country before the end of the trip.

Toni’s journey is not always smooth. The boy fell ill in Mongolia to the point that he could not walk for several days. Toni got hit by a car in New Zealand and lost a bag containing $ 400. At times, Toni encountered temperatures of -20 degrees C.

Đạp xe hàng chục km mỗi ngày đưa thuốc cho người già ở vùng dịch ...

For over months, he had seeking information, calling for help, advocating for funding for his plan. He was expected to travel 82,000km, across 64 countries spread across 5 continents.

If he only went for personal interests, he would have saved himself some money and quietly departed when the preparations were completed. But during this trip, he called on many organizations and companies to join in with bigger goals.

And during the preparation process, he read a lot of English documents. It is both a source of information and a condition for him to improve his foreign language.