The most famous mountainous bike brands in the world (Part 1)

Bicycles are low-cost means that require less parking space, are a good tool for exercise and most importantly, terrain bikes are an environmentally friendly means of transport.

Today, everyone wants to ride a bike and create a healthy lifestyle, a sporty lifestyle. There are many famous brands in the world that produce and sell many different types of bicycles such as road bikes, mixed bikes, mountain bicycles, folding bikes. The products have many versions. Selling at many different prices to meet the needs of diverse customers.

Some bicycles have a minimalist design, but others look very stylish – attract consumers’ attention and persuade them to withdraw money to own a style bike like that.

Here are some famous bicycle brands that revolutionized the world bike industry.

Giant Bicycle

Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an off-road bicycle factory from Taiwan and is also the largest bicycle factory in the world. The company was founded by King liu in 1972, having production facilities in Taiwan, Netherlands, China.

By 2014, Giant’s products were exported to more than 50 countries with more than 12,000 retail stores. In 2007, global sales reached 5 million bicycles, total revenue was 820 million, by 2012, it reached 6.3 million bicycles and total revenue increased to 1.8 billion.

Compared to competitors in the world market of imported bicycles, Giant is the preferred brand with many experts and also the most popular brand in the world. Giant’s bike design is always careful and thoughtful.

Trek Bicycles

Trek Bicycle Joint Stock Company is a major manufacturer and distributor of bicycles, known through its subsidiaries including Electra Bicycle, Gray Fisher, Bontrager, Diamant Bikes, Villiger Bikes and by 2008, Lemond Racing and Klein were added. Founded in 1976 by founder John Burke. The company distributes bicycles globally and has about 1700 distribution agents in the South America region.

Specialized Bicycle

The company has a full name is Specialized Bicycle Components and is commonly referred to as Specialized. This is a major US bicycle brand. Born in 1974 by Mike Sinyard in Morgan Hill, California.

The high-tech application gives Specialized products good performance on hilly terrain or city roads, giving users a powerful, unique ride experience. The terrain bike frame is manufactured using a genuine alloy manufactured by the company called Fact – an abbreviation of advanced technology for advanced functions.