The most famous mountainous bike brands in the world (Part 3)

Merida Bicycle

Merida is a bicycle design and manufacturing company based in Taiwan. Born in 1972 by founder Ike Tseng. Ike is a very talented engineer and the company quickly becomes a famous OE producer, a brand that needs to be wary. Ike founder died in January 2012, Ike is currently run by Michael Tseng.

The founder of Merida is a respectable and visionary person. During a trip to the United States in 1970, he came across a notice at a repair shop that they did not accept repair of any Taiwanese off-road bikes due to the quality of the bike. they are too poor.

Fuji Bike

Is a bicycle and equipment brand owned by Advanced Sports Internatinal. This is the descendant of Nechibei Fuji Cucle Co., Ltd. – a bicycle manufacturer founded in 1899.

In 2004, Ideal Bike, the third largest complete bicycle manufacturer at Radio Loandax, purchased 17% of Avanced Sports Internatinal Asia – the market manager of Fuji bikes in Asia. Fuji bikes are currently produced in Taichung, Taiwan, Dongguan – Guangdong, China and in Kutno, Poland by Ideal Bike.

In the United States, Fuji is owned and distributed by Advanced Sports Internatinal – a private company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cervelo Bike

A Canadian bike and racing manufacturer, founded in 1995 by Gerard Vroomen and Phil White. The company’s name is made up of one French word and one Italian word.

Cevelo uses CAD, computational fluid dynamics. Currently the company is producing 5 types of bicycles: C series and R series – road bike, Squoval polymorph, S series road bike and P series – triathlon bike series and T series of bikes. pedal track.

In 2009, Cervelo was the world’s largest maker of triathlon bikes.

Pinarello Bike

Cicli Pinarelo SpA is an Italian bicycle company (Traviso, Italy). Founded in 1952, it mainly supplies road bikes, racing bikes and cargo bikes. The other two brands of Pinarello are Opera and MOST.