The most popular cycling races in the world (Part 2)

Vuelta a Espana

Vuelta a Espana is one of the top bicycle races in the world, only after Tour de France and Giro d’Italia.

Vuelta a España is the 3rd largest bicycle race of the year after the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. This race is held every year in Spain and sometimes extends into the territory of some other countries such as France, Portugal, Netherlands or Belgium.

The race was first held in 1935, the driver who won the most in this tournament was Roberto Heras, the Spaniard who won the final four times.

This race has a starting and ending point in Spain. The majority of the tracks are also located in the territory of this country. However, this is considered a tournament running through many countries when there are many routes going through France, Belgium, Portugal or the Netherlands.

Grande Boucle Feminine International

Grande Boucle Féminie Internationale is also known as the Tour de France for women. Grande Boucle means “big loop” and describes the individual stages that form a circuit around France. The girls will make it through the shorter races than the male riders, but the public and the press are less interested, completely overshadowed by the Tour de France.

This is considered the largest women’s cycling race in the world and the Tour de France female version. The first season of Grande Boucle Feminine International took place in 1984.

Grande Boucle Feminine International also has a similar route to the Tour de France but has fewer races and the distance of each leg is also shortened to suit women.

As with the other world women’s bike races, this tournament doesn’t have as much appeal as the men’s version. However, those who follow will also be attracted by the attraction of the beautiful women’s race and courses.

Tour Down Under

The Tour Down Under is a bicycle race around Adelaide South Australia, first held in 1999. This race is also part of the UCI World Tour system and increasingly attracts many famous names in the world. projected. Simon Gerrans is the most prolific champion with 4 first place in this race. Tour Down Under is the highest rated non-European cycling race today.