The old man cycling around the world in 50 year

Heinz Stucke has left Germany since 1962 to cycle around the world. He then released a book that tells his story. Over the past 50 years Heinz Stucke has cycled more than 600,000 km across 196 countries for travel and book writing.

This year he is 80 years old, left his hometown of Hovelhof, Germany, since 1962 and chose a 3-wheeled bicycle as his home. Heinz began talking about his journey, saying, “This trip is much better than having to work in a factory.”

Mr. Heinz currently occupies the runner-up position in the ranking of most traveled people in the world. They wrote about him on the travel website The Best Travelled with 50 years of cycling around the world.

He achieved the above achievement by setting foot in 1,104 countries and regions out of a total of 1,281 regions in the world. It’s like the split of The Best Traveled website that has more than 13,000 members worldwide.

End the trip with more than 18,000 diary pages, 100,000 photos and 21 passports. In 2015, Mr. Heinz launched his memoir right recounting his incredible adventure.

The book is named Home is elsewhere: 50 years around the world by bike. It is called a book by the community that any cyclist should have.

From 18 years old, the young Heinz Stucke had a fondness for geography, and had a hobby of traveling across Europe by bicycle.Heinz Stucke. At the time he was 22 years old, he worked as a mechanic and quit his job at the factory he was working for.

And he started a bicycle tour. He didn’t think then that it was a trip that spanned most of his life.

Heinz did not think he would go that far and go that long. Even planning to leave before the 1972 Olympics take place in Munich. However. Just one thing after another. Country after country. Heinz was caught up in constant rioting. Where he is delighted to “see the world” as his wish.

In each country he went through, Heinz usually spent 2 to 6 months exploring. He rode his bicycle without making a schedule for himself. On average, he pedaled 100-120km a day. But sometimes only 30-60km in bad terrain.