Cycling is undoubtedly one of the many sports which is considered to rank high in popularity. Much of this is as a result of the dedicated professionals who brought and are still bringing, recognition to the game. A list with the names of every exceptional cyclist would indeed be a long one. The following is just a few examples of those male cyclists who have made a name for themselves in this particular sport.

Tom Dumoulin

Tom may have had a few low spots in the latest season, but overall he has earned a well-deserved name for being one of the highly recognised cyclists in this sport. His highlights of the season were placing second in two tours which were completed back to back. These were the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. These accomplishments earned Tom 1480 world tour points.

Dion Smith

To become known as one of the best cyclists doesn’t always mean making the headlines each and every time. Dion Smith certainly boosted his credibility for a short period during the King of the Mountains race, where for two stages he was awarded the prestige of wearing the polka dot jersey. Dion is a New Zealand cyclist who made his country proud during the event.

Chris Froome

This is a name which is highly recognised within the cycling circuit by other athletes, as well as spectators, although Chris did face some disappointment with his loss during the Tour de France. Chris has had a few disappointments to deal with in his recent cycling activities, which put him in a position of ending the season outside of the top three rankings. However, no doubt, Chris will rise above this, and view the next season as a new challenge.

The list of best male cyclists goes on and on, and will undoubtedly continue to grow.