When it comes to famous cyclists, the females who participate in this sport are right up there in the best of the best lists. Just as many men are considered to be top notch professional cyclists, the same can be said about the many women who deserve to be in this category.

Sarah Ulmer

New Zealand continues to be proud of Sarah Ulmer, and the many feats she accomplished in the cycling sport. One of her greatest and best-remembered accomplishments was bringing the gold medal to NZ from the 2004 Olympics in the 3km division. Not only did she accomplish this, but she set a world record when doing so.

Linda Villumsen

Although Linda was born in Denmark, she became an NZ citizen in 2009 and has represented the country well in the sport of cycling. She has made herself known with her presence and success in many high profile races, including several Olympics. In the 2014 Commonwealth games, she took possession of the gold medal for the road time trial and placed fifth overall in the road race.

Annemiek van Vleuten

Annemiek has earned a reputation for being a cyclist who nears the top of the list in female cyclist popularity. She is rated highly for her teamwork, and has been ranked as a valuable rider. She is also recognised for her amazing comeback, after experiencing a crash in the 2016 Olympic road race, where she suffered a broken jaw.

Anna van der Breggen

Anna is well recognised for her consistency as being a top performer in cycling. She is the holder of an Olympic gold medal which she earned in Rio. She is loved by her fans and is recognised as being an exceptional team player.

Many additional female pro cyclists are up and coming, and are fast becoming a valuable asset to this sport.