Top tips you should know when cycling (Part 1)

Travelling always need careful preparation, in order to be more active in the trip and create safety for the whole journey. Also, you can not ignore to prepare carefully before cycling. Therefore, consider the tips you should know when cycling below.

  1. Freeze your water bottle

If you ride under hot and sunny weather, this is essential for you. It is very inconvenient if the water is no longer cold  when you only travel 1/3 of the distance. Not to mention that there are empty roads without water shops. The best way is to fill 2/3 of your water bottle to freeze it beforehand, so the ice will flow slowly, keeping it cool longer.

  1. Bandage

On the trip you should bring bandage. It sounds irrelevant, but it helps you a lot on the trip. It could be a temporary lid to cover the water bottles, to make sure there are no leaks.

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen seems to be familiar but not everyone knows how to use it properly. When using sunscreen cream, do not apply the area around your eyes. For eye areas, it is better to use sunglasses. Especially, apply sunscreen before pedaling for 20-30 minutes to allow time for the cream to penetrate into the skin.

  1. Adjust the saddle height

The height of the saddle is important because it relates to your comfort. So adjust the saddle which is suitable for you and do not forget to mark that height. Because of the cycling process, the saddle will be more or less moved. The re-mark will help you save time to re-adjust.

  1. Wrap properly

Wrap the handlebar to make your steering wheel more secure. Before wrapping, use glue to keep the brake wire stay with the handlebar. You should wrap from under the handle onto the bike stem. The distance between the glands must be regular and firm.