Top tips you should know when cycling (Part 2)

  1. Look for grease before you go

Lubricating grease into the actuator will help the actuator work better. A small note when greasing is that you need to clean the transmission before checking. If the actuator is too dirty, grease lubrication becomes useless, and it also affects the efficiency of the drive.

  1. Change tires

Check tire quality before starting your journey. If the tires show signs of wear or damage, replace them immediately, because if you continue to use poor quality tires, this will affect your safety during the trip. Ideally for long distance trips, bring a spare tire.

  1. Bring children’s talcum powder

It sounds irrelevant but it is a useful item on every long trip. Too much exercise will cause an unpleasant smell in shoes and socks. Just put the talcum powder into the shoe for about 2-3 minutes, your shoe will be  less smelly and become airy considerably without washing and drying.

  1. Several newspapers

In some cases , it is rainy when you ride a bike.  Your shoes become wet, creating an unpleasant feeling. In addition, the trip conditions do not allow shoes to be worn. You can try the following matter: Just crumple the old paper / newspaper, then tuck it into the wet shoes, leave it for 5-8 minutes, depending on the wetness of the shoe you can replace the paper.

  1. Prepare repair tools

You should have some repair skills (not too professional) to make sure the trip is not interrupted by small technical problems. Carrying spare tools such as tubes, pumps, and screw wrenches will be a useful relief for you when the bike breaks down. A bit of basic knowledge saves you time, money, and turns you into a real bike rider, instead of a person who just sits and waits for others’ help when the bike is in trouble.